In nature, termites perform a very beneficial service in breaking down wood from dead trees into nutrients for the soil. Unfortunately, their beneficial behavior in the wild can cause serious damage to your home. Every year, termites in the US cause about $5 billion in damage to homes. Termites come up through the soil and if they find an entryway they will start consuming the wood inside, creating structural damage that if left unchecked will cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and may compromise the safety of your home.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to identify sings of termite damage if you cannot see where they are in your home. Termites tend to stay in interior walls and will rarely come out into the open which makes spotting them even more difficult. However, there are some steps you can take to identify if you have termites invading your house.

Termites Feed on Wood

Termites are indiscriminate when it comes to what they feed on as long as it is wood. They will also consume plaster, metal sidings and even insulation as well as feeding on interior structures, floors, cabinets, ceilings and furniture. If you should spot damage to any wood structure in your home that has no explanation, then you will need to call for pest control experts although the damage might be extensive.

Pest Control Inspection

One of the best steps to take is calling a respected pest control company like Intensive Pest Control that serves the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. They will send out a trained pest control agent to inspect your home for signs of termite damage. In addition, they will bring termite treatment products to help prevent any damage from occurring in the first place. When you consider that termite repair costs can reach into the thousands of dollars, having an annual inspection is well worth the price.

Subtle Signs of Termite Damage

Termites can leave behind damage that appears to be water-related. So look for the following;

  • Swollen Floors & Ceilings
  • Buckling Wood
  • Smell of Mold or Mildew

If it appears that your home has water damage, yet there are no leaks in the pipes or from the roof, then you may have termites.

One area to look is outside your home around the walls right next to the foundation. Termites will usually burrow in through the loose soil much like ants, but they do not build obvious mounds of dirt. Their tunnels are more subtle and many be hard to spot.

Drywood Termites

Of all termites, this is the pest that may be the hardest to spot. Drywood termites will build their colonies inside of wood structures which are often interior walls and sometimes furniture. By the time you spot them, they may have created a myriad of tunnels in the wood, damaging your home and furniture. You will need to be vigilant when it comes to preventing the damage caused by these pests and proactive when calling a professional pest control company.

Intensive Pest Control is located in Long Beach and serves all of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. You can trust them to properly inspect your home and provide effective termite treatment.