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Because of their aggressive nature, Formosan termites are difficult to control once they infest a structure. … Dampwood termites are normally larger in size than other termite species. … drywood termites infest dry wood and do not require contact with the soil, unlike the subterranean … National pest management association.

Jan 3, 2014 … Termite Control | Your friendly neighborhood pest professionals. … According to the National Pest Management Association, subterranean termites cause … dampwood termites; Formosan subterranean termites; Drywood …

Subterranean Termites And Termidor Treatment Options How long will it take to complete a Termidor termite treatment? … What makes Termidor different from other termite control

Dampwood termites commonly live in heavily forested areas of the country as they prefer wet … The National Pest Management Association and the entire pest  …

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Subterranean vs.  Drywood Termite Control by Unipest - Santa Clarita Pest ControlFind facts about termites and other information for kids in our student pest guide. … kids alike can find additional termite facts and information on termite control at the official NPMA website. … Like drywood termites, dampwood colonies don't have workers. … Formosan termites eat a lot of wood and can damage your house.

Build shelter tubes on a foundation to connect the termite population … the Florida Pest Management Association at …

How Do You Know If You Have Termites Termites can often live on your property or inside your home for an extended … Learn the signs to look
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How To Prevent Termites Keep an eye out for a starter burrow with lots of soil kicked … The wings are about the same
Termite Season There is no set termite season. Most termites are active year around, but the " season" is usually when homeowners

Termite ID Cards from the National Pest Management association … termite species found in the United States are Native Eastern and Formosan termites ( both are classified as subterranean), dampwood termites and drywood termites.