Termite Season

There is no set termite season. Most termites are active year around, but the " season" is usually when homeowners see swarmers thus the start of the season.

Drywood: Sometimes called “powderpost termites” because of the telltale pellets, they have a dull, pale-brown head and body, …

Termite Season What Time of Year Do Termites Appear and for How Long? Many people think prime termite season is when termites appear in swarms. However, termites that have infested a house can cause damage at any time, regardless of the weather or presence of warning signs like swarms.. Spring is the swarming season for most subterranean termites.

Fig. 1 Mating biology of subterranean termites, illustrated by R. speratus. In the mating season, alates (winged adults) fly

When termites swarm, they leave their colony in search of a new home. Unfortunately, that new home could be yours. Discover more about termites.

The concept of "termite season" is relative to the species of termites, and the times of year that they typically swarm. Termite damage can happen at anytime.

Termite Swarm SeasonWhen is termite season? Subterranean termites "swarm" as the weather begins to warm, usually at the beginning of spring after a rain event. They are a group of  …

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When Does Termite Season Start? Termite season does not have a set beginning and end, as termites are active year round. The season when termites are most visible – through swarms, discarded wings and droppings – coincides roughly with the Major League Baseball season (March to November).