Termite infection is one of the most common causes of house damage. They weaken support beams, roofs and furniture. They chew into all things made of wood to get cellulose for food. Insurance does not cover the costs of such eventualities and you are left on your own to repair these damages that are very costly. Get regular termite inspection done in your house to mitigate their infestation and have a timely pest control.

Termite Appearance

Termites are creamy white or brown-black bugs that have small bodies and rectangular heads. There are some that are black and have four equal sized wings. Popularly known as termite swarmers, they are king and queen termites that scout new areas to establish termite colonies. You will spot them it is the right time for you to call for a termite inspection and control.

Some signs of termite infestation

• Finding small wings near windows and doors. These are from the swarming termites and indicate a much developed colony.

• Tunnel like holes in your beams and furniture. A termite inspection can find out if it is the dry wood or subterranean termite colony after looking at the nature of the tunnels.

• Mud tubes. They are passages made by subterranean termite to get to the wood structures from the ground.

• Sand like particles. These are the droppings of dry wood termites found near window sills and doors.

Since they live inside the wood structures, termites can remain hidden for quite some time.

Termite Inspection

If you have been finding these signs in your house, call for a termite inspection immediately. Besides eradicating the problem, the inspector will also share with you ways to keep termites at bay.