Exterminators For Dampwood Termites

Dampwood Termite Control. Facts about treatment & damage with images. How to get rid of dampwood termites. Call Orkin termite control. schedule inspection.. Area of distribution: dampwood termites typically infest damp and decaying timber. This species is commonly found in the pacific coast states, such as Montana, Idaho, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Northern California and Washington.

Dampwood Termite Control. Facts about treatment & damage with images. How to get rid of dampwood termites. Call Orkin termite control. Schedule inspection.

Dampwood termites infest wood with high moisture content, causing severe damage. read dampwood termite control info from exterminators in our pest profile.

Damp wood Termite exterminatorsLearn about dampwood termites, including identification details for this termite attracted to moist wood, as well as tips to prevent infestation and pest control …

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How to Get Rid of Dampwood Termites, Dampwood Termite Control The Dampwood Termite-sometimes called the "rotten wood termite-is associated with high …

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Dampwood termites bear a brown color with varying shades. The color can be light brown or dark brown. Reddish-brown colored dampwood termites also exist, while their nymphs are generally creamy-white colored, like all nymphs. In terms of size, the dampwood termite happens to be the largest termite species.

Eliminating Dampwood Termites. Removing damp wood and repairing leaks is the first step toward eliminating the termites. If you’re concerned that you may have a dampwood termite infestation, you need to call a professional termite exterminator. If you don’t have dampwood termites yet, keep regularly inspecting your property.

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Dampwood Termite Facts. Dampwood termites are the largest of all termite species and can range from 1/3 inch to well over 1/2 inch in length. Because of their …

Dampwood termites do not usually infest structures because of their need for excessive moisture. However, care must be taken to avoid attracting dampwood termites to a structure, as they can cause serious property damage. In fact, dampwood termites and other termite species cause a collective $5 billion in property damage each year.