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Oct 4, 2019 … The bedbug problem continues at the state Department of Economic … not taking necessary measures to treat the bedbugs, and had begun to …

Bed bug infestations are difficult to control on your own and most require … “Do-it- yourself' bed bug removal can get expensive, and you'll often find that it wasn't …

How to kill or prevent bed bugs? That's when we come into play. Give us a call for guaranteed bed bugs treatment in the greater Phoenix metro area.

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Bed bugs are flat, wingless, bloodsucking insects that measure about 1/8 – 1/4 … they should be first placed in trash bags that are tied securely before removal.

Introducing a new, all-in-one tool for better bed bug treatments, PT® Alpine® Flea & Bed bug pressurized insecticide. specially formulated to incorporate easily …

Sep 8, 2019 … When fleas or bed bugs have infested your home or business, eliminate the pests with PT Alpine flea and bed … PT Alpine Flea and Bed Bug Insecticide Aerosol with IGR … Use it to treat upholstered furniture, carpets, rugs and concrete. …. Phone 1-712-266-5405 | © 2018 Phoenix Environmental Design Inc.

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